History making Lake County Treasurer, Holly Kim, announces her campaign will accept cryptocurrency – a first in Illinois

Mundelein, Il – Lake County Treasurer, Holly Kim, announced today that her 2022 re-election campaign will accept cryptocurrency donations.

“I am always looking for creative ways to engage our community and I believe this is something that we can be a leader on,” said Kim regarding the historic nature of her announcement.

While the Federal Election Commission has allowed cryptocurrency campaign donations since 2014, this will be the first time in Illinois that a campaign will do so.

“A vast array of businesses and organizations have been accepting digital currency and I am so excited to bring this opportunity to our local elections as well,” said Kim.

All donations, including those made via cryptocurrency must adhere to necessary guidelines.

“We are working with the Illinois State Board of Elections to make sure we file this correctly,” Kim said regarding the reporting process. “I ask the digital currency community to help make this endeavor a success by adhering to contribution limits and submitting the proper information while doing so. We are blazing a path right now, and we want to be good ambassadors.”

Only residents of the United States can contribute to Kim’s campaign. Contribution limits set by the Illinois State Board of Elections are 6,000.00 USD for individuals, $12,000 for corporations, labor associations or associations, and $59,000 for Candidate Political Committees or Political Action Committees.

To learn more Holly Kim and her re-election campaign visit her website VoteHollyKim.com.