Lake County Treasurer, Holly Kim, Announces Re-Election Campaign

Mundelein, IL – Lake County Treasurer, Holly Kim announced today that she will officially seek re-election to build on her track record of success during her first term in office.

“I am proud that our office remained open and fully functional during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Holly Kim. “This year many residents and businesses in Lake County faced financial hardship. We worked hard to keep Lake County residents informed about available financial resources and coded the four-payment option for emergency relief. This provided much needed relief to homeowners, and 40,000 property owners took advantage of it.”

By thinking creatively and positioning her office to take advantage of the Public Funds Investment Act, Kim changed the office’s investment strategy. As a result, investment income has grown exponentially to nearly $10 million in 2020.

In her first term as Lake County Treasurer, Kim built a record of accomplishment and collaboration including the following:

  • Reinvested in Lake County through new investment strategies that have increased investment income from $2 million dollars when first taking office to nearly $10 million in 2020.
  • Launched eBills so that you can sign up to receive your bill by email which will help to cut printing and postage costs in the future.
  • Lowered eCheck fees to $0 for online and phone payments.
  • Joined the Illinois BankOn Commission to help our under served communities steer towards using banks and credit unions instead of payday loans.
  • Launched online support tickets so that individuals can submit questions 24 hours a day.

Kim’s campaign for re-election will emphasize her experience, creativity, and continued commitment to Lake County residents.

Prior to serving as Lake County Treasurer, Kim has worked as a business management professional in the nonprofit, public, and private sector. Kim served as a trustee in the Village of Mundelein, and volunteers her time on the board of a senior care organization. Holly has four children and is married to her husband Ben, a Math teacher.